FIT'N'FLEXED is a TV show aimed at educating the world about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for one's happiness and wellbeing, whilst bridging the perceived gap between weightlifting and the ordinary person looking to become healthy. 

FIT'N'FLEXED highlights the importance of weight & cardiovascular training, coupled with healthy eating, for a happier, healthier and improved lifestyle.

Not everyone wants to be Mr Olympia or the world's strongest man - but EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can benefit from the same training principles and approaches used by the world's best! 

Hosted and created by Dayne Hudson, the program cuts through the murky myths of the fitness industry to bring you the latest, up to date health/fitness/nutrition science, whilst bringing you some of the biggest names in the fitness/sporting world.

With so much misinformation, bogus products and industry lies doing the rounds in the fitness world, FIT'N'FLEXED gives the viewer only the most ACCURATE information, jam packed together with a whole heap of entertainment!



Labelled "The Steve Irwin of Fitness", Dayne Hudson is an enthusiastic Sports Nutrition Specialist and fitness expert, combining his media experience with an unmatched passion for fitness to deliver viewers a unique fitness/health/lifestyle program.

Beginning his career as an actor in film & television, Dayne then completed a Bachelor of Arts together with an advanced diploma in journalism.

Whilst still at University, Dayne found himself working with Australia's most talented broadcasters at Radio 2GB in Sydney, Australia's number one radio station.

During his 5 years at Radio 2GB, Dayne worked as a producer with Alan Jones, Ben Fordham, and as a producer/rugby league statistician with Ray Hadley, working on Ray's Morning show, along with his top rating Continuos Call Team on weekends.  

Dayne is still heard regularly as Ben Fordham's Health/Fitness expert on Ben's top rating Sydney Live program on Radio 2GB.

He is a LIFETIME natural fitness fanatic whose goal is to boost the health, confidence and well-being of everyone whom he comes across, together with the exposure of FIT'N'FLEXED.