Emily Nikols Naturist Cleanining

She's 25, and can clean your house in the nude for $73 per hour.

And even though her clients (who aren't allowed to make advances) enjoy watching her work the room with a mop and broom - she insists she doesn't feel like a sex object.

Liverpool woman Emily Nikols performs her job to help provide for her baby daughter, and says all her clients are complete gentlemen. 

“To me cleaning naked is really not a big deal — it is completely normal."

“I’m just a really confident person and am really comfortably with nudity so being naked doesn’t faze me at all. While cleaning naked was something I had never done before, it just felt really natural to do."

And so far it's been smooth sailing.

“This fits in really well around my daughter, and it is a really well-paid job — the money is good for what you have to do. So far it has been a really positive experience. There hasn’t been anything which has made me think twice."

But what about her husband? Wouldn't he be worried?

"(He) was initially a little concerned for my safety but he trusts me — I am an adult."

Positive Body Image

Emily embraces her body, and isn't concerned about whether she looks like a catwalk model or not. She's there to clean - that's it.

“I had a baby nine months ago and I’m sure there are people who would think ‘oh my god’ at my body. But I’m not there to be a sex object — so it doesn’t matter if I have a few stretch marks on my hips or a baby belly."

“Everyone has a naked body under their clothes, I’m not sure why we’re all so uptight about it" she said.

So how did she get into it?

A friend informed her about women who are paid to film themselves cleaning their own homes in the nude - so she thought she'd give it a try, finding a nude company to work for.

Naturist Cleaners

"Naturist Cleaners" employs almost 80 male and female staff across the UK, and Emily has been in the job for five weeks so far.

But just don't expect any heavy duty cleaning or any strong chemicals - their exposed skin rules this type of service out.

You'll only ever see Emily and the rest of the team in rubber gloves and/or the optional slippers.

Emily says most of her clients are naturists, so she feels comfortable around them. 

“It’s not about being sexy or about your own body, it’s about making a naturist person feel happy and comfortable. They don’t care if you are young and gorgeous or 65 and wrinkly, it’s about being comfortable nude."

Emily says she arrives clothed, then gets undressed inside before the cleaning starts.

“Then we have a bit of chit chat, I do my jobs and then go. I have never felt uncomfortable but if I ever felt there was anything untoward I would be able to leave.”

Company director Laura Smith ran a domestic cleaning company before getting the idea from a local naturist, who approached her with the unusual request.

"No one else is doing this and it has been quite life-changing really" Smith said.


"Stay Fit, Stay Flexed!"