Just when you thought you've seen it all - up pops a Fit Bit for your private parts.

For those serious about tracking calories burnt, a new "smart" condom also tracks the speed of thrusts and the number of positions used.

The I. Con Smart Condom

It's apparently a world first, and can be yours for around $AU97.


The device is a small ring that fits on the penis around the base of a regular condom, using a nano chip and sensors to bring you a supposedly accurate wrap up, including skin temperature and session duration (don't we have stop watches for that?!).

So what to do with this information?

Well, you can brag about it to your mates (if its worth it) and/or share your stats online by importing them to your computer via a USB plug in. 

The Smart Condom is currently available only in the UK, but the company says if it takes off there they'll look at selling it worldwide.


"Stay Fit, Stay Flexed!"