Another day - another infographic designed to instil fear and accelerate food shaming into the mind of the public.

The image above of what is in a jar of nutella has gone viral, but how much truth is there to the accompanying comments, that palm oil is bad for our health?

It frustrating but it seems many think to be a fitness or health expert these days, all you need to do is point the finger at the foods that taste good, that have sugar in them, and that's it.

Well, the data is of course another story.

Is Nutella and Palm Oil Really Unhealthy?

First of all - sugar. It's not good, not bad, it's just indifferent and cops a hammering for no reason than its fashionable to do so. 

But the latest apparent issue is palm oil, that many "experts" are claiming is carcinogenic, unhealthy, and should never be consumed. 

Does Palm Oil Cause Cancer And/Or Heart Disease?  

But when we examine the data, it's not so bad.

A very recent review (1) found:

"As regards to a role in cancer, specific studies on dietary palmitic acid or palm oil and the risk of cancer development are scanty, and the evidence is not convincing."

Others are skeptical about its saturated fat content, claiming it can lead to heart disease. They're behind the times - saturated fat isn't as bad for the heart as was once thought (2-9).

And more specifically re palm oil, a saturated fat, a large review from 2015 found: 

"Therefore, in conclusion it is the opinion of the authors that palm oil consumed as a dietary fat as part of a healthy balanced diet does not have incremental risk for cardiovascular disease. Little or no additional benefit will be obtained by replacing it with other oils rich in mono or polyunsaturated fatty acids" (10).

Essentially, Palmitic acid, the main saturated fat in palm oil has a similar effect on lipid profile as the monounsaturated fat oleic acid that is currently recommended.

Moreover, palm oil also boasts oleic and linoleic acids, and vitamin E tocotrienols that are powerful antioxidants and can inhibit cholesterol synthesis (10,11).

It's all about M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N. 

Don't listen to the fear mongers who don't do their research.

Avoiding the foods we love altogether like Nutella can cause poor relationships with food, and eating disorders.

BALANCE is the key to success!


"Stay Fit, Stay Flexed!" 



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