Yeah yeah. Drink Water. I get it.....

But just hang on a second!

You most likely know all the reasons why - water helps with fat loss, muscle growth, your creatine efficiency and injuries.

But there's another super important reason that we just CANNOT overlook, and that is cognitive function. 

Water and Cognitive Function 

A recent study sheds some light on water for brain power (1). 

I don't know about you, but I find some days my brain is sharper than others! After some investigation, I found that something as simple as water intake can make a huge naturally, I had it share it with you!

I know, I know, it's not the most interesting thing I may have ever told you here on before - but here's the thing - it's these "oh yeah I knew that" pieces of info that we forget about and DON'T put into place. And we ultimately suffer because of it. 

Now onto the study - it gave subjects a thirst and mood test, then a baseline cognitive test.

Participants then were given 25ml of water, 300ml of water, or none at all. 

And these researchers weren't mucking around - they tested both adults and children to learn as much as possible; 96 adults with a mean age of 21.0 years and 60 children aged 7 to 10 years.

After their water consumption there was an interval of approximately 20 min. Afterwards, they completed the second set of scales and cognitive tests.

So what did they find?

When it came to reducing thirst, 300ml was required. No surprises...

But here's the interesting part - just the 25ml of water was enough to improve their visual attention.

Other key findings was that in adults, the 300ml drink improved their digit span (basically remembering numbers) yet this wasn't seen in the children.

Even a small drink bolstered thirst ratings for the children (but not in adults) and both adults and children showed a dose-response effect of drinking on visual attention. 

What we can take away is that even a small amount of water, whether you're thirsty or not, can enhance your cognitive function. 

So how does this happen?

Well, the researchers don't know...

But what surprised them was the different amount of water required for adults and children, and how their thirst reduction scores weren't consistently connected to cognitive ability.

More research is required, but the good news for us is this information, regardless of how it all works!

We should always have a bottle of water with us at our desks or if we're out and's all about dat brain power!


"Stay Fit, Stay Flexed!" 



(1) Edmonds, Caroline J., et al. "Dose-response effects of water supplementation on cognitive performance and mood in children and adults." Appetite 108 (2016): 464-470.