I have a method that'll allow you to eat the foods you love (in moderation, of course!) but without an extremity such as paleo, no sugar or no carb.

Best of all, you'll get the results you deserve.


That's me (Dayne Hudson) right there. The photo on the left is me at the end of a bulk, and the photo on the right is after dropping off the weight...in just 12 weeks!

I don't believe in short term diets either! I believe in creating a healthy lifestyle, eating the foods you love, and not needing to worry about your diet around the clock!

As a Sports Nutrition Specialist, scientific researcher and valued member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, I use proven studies to generate results that last for you.



Some Happy Customers



After years of being bullied at school, Brandon lost 30 kilograms following Fit'n'Flexed and the content he received. As a result, he was offered sponsorship from a major Australian supplement store and is in talks to begin doing speaking engagements at schools to inspire other children and to share his weight loss story.


Harrison Adrian

Harrison came to me wanting to be in tip top shape, and see his abs for the first time in his life. After committing, and still being able to eat the foods he loves, Harrison was able to see his abs. All 6 of them!


Scott Sutton

Scott Sutton is a massive inspiration, dropping 73 kilograms in 16 months. It was so amazing, I made sure Australia heard his story when he featured in season 2 of Fit'n'Flexed on major Australian network Channel Ten. I also wrote about him here: http://www.fitnflexed.com/article/real-life-fitness-stories-scott-sutton


Phil White

Phil White just wanted to lose weight so he could race his beloved motorbike to the best of his ability in the Queensland Drag Racing Championships. Phil was at 123 kg and says it was "hard to move and breathe." Phil describes it as "like being wrapped in glad wrap." 

But with a solid diet and training plan, Phil achieved his goal of weight loss, getting down to 81kg.


Karlee Beaton

As a busy mum who wanted to do NO exercise, Karlee Beaton changed her body type significantly, by eating the foods she loves!

Naturally, she was quick to recommend it to friends too.


At 42, Hani just wanted to see his abs! So after purchasing his plan where he enjoyed the foods he loved, Hani was able to step into a whole new physique! He said of the journey:

"Dayne was very supportive and responsive over email (I still don't know how he does it at the price he charges for the plan and followup support). Dayne's guidance when fat loss slowed or stalled was invaluable. That's the point where I could have got stuck, spun my wheels or given up. Instead I was given specific adjustments to keep the cut going. I remember in my last week of cutting having a small hamburger and some fries and waking up the next day leaner! So this stuff does work. I have since recommended it to a number of friends and family and they have ordered their own custom diet from Dayne. A big thanks to Dayne for his generosity and guidance."



With the right attitude, the possibilities are endless! People are amazed at just how easy a custom diet plan is to follow. 

The plans are a custom day using the latest scientific recommendations into protein, carbs and fat numbers.

This is so that you don't go round and round in circles for years trying to reach your goals. The idea is to reach your goal AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

So what do you think, are you in or what?!


Start Hitting Your Goals